Ahmad Damen

US-based podcast producer, sound designer, film composer and creative writer. Ten years of experience in audio design, content creation & writing, storytelling, documentary films and media training.

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my story

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a young Palestinian. Attracted to music from a very young age, the boy fell in love with the Oud. He learned to play music in the midst of war, finding solace in his musical instrument. Lugging it with him through his undergrad (BA, Marketing) and grad (MSc, Change Management, Leeds University) degrees, he wrote music to weave complex stories through sound. The more sophisticated he got with music, the more he noticed it in film.

Film scores in particular fascinated him for their versatility and the use of technology. This led him behind the scenes of film sets and to tight-lipped editing rooms. The seed had been planted — he would use both sound and picture to elevate his storytelling.

His first feature documentary “The Red Stone” (2012) launched his career as a film director, earning him his first international award in Canada. The film’s local and international success paved the way for a bigger project. “Forbidden Pilgrimage” (2014) came to fruition.


Original Music

"Music is a language that I learnt and practiced for more than 20 years. I studied Western and Eastern music theory, became a professional Oud artist and established a career in music and sound production and acoustics in film, radio and other projects."

Film Expertise

Film Planning/Scheduling
Film and Story Editing
Non-Scripted filming from A to Z
Film Critique

Content Creation and Acquisition

TV Commissioning Producer and Buyer
Supplier Negotiations and Procurement
Creative Content Writing


Music Composition
Audio Recording
Sound Production and Digital Audio Workstations
Film Scores
Hours of Podcast Produced

A World Citizen

I am a citizen of the world and an explorer waiting for the next adventure. I have lived and worked in six different countries over the course of nine years, and traveled extensively in Europe and China.

I believe that living in a new country, as opposed to a short visit as a tourist, is a much more fulfilling and enriching experience. This has allowed me to understand the people and their way of life, forge strong bonds and undergo transformative experiences.